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Welcome to Healthcheck247

The most important cover under a travel insurance policy is for medical expenses and cancellation. The policy will not cover your medical conditions unless you declare them to us and we accept them in writing.

This site will tell you if your medical conditions can be covered. Some medical conditions can be covered without the need for further medical screening. In some cases it will be necessary to pay an additional premium if you want your conditions covered.

You can only declare your medical conditions on Healthcheck247 if you have purchased, or are planning to purchase, a travel insurance policy arranged by Citybond Suretravel or their Issuing Agents.

Please select the agent who has issued your travel insurance policy:
Please select your Country of Residence

If not sure contact us on 0333 207 0588.
I confirm that I have the traveller's permission to declare their medical conditions.
I understand that if I make an inaccurate declaration, the insurers might not pay a related claim for cancellation or medical expenses, and that I would be responsible for all costs.